FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

⏩Do you require my password to Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Youtube or any other  accounts?
Ans : No, we do not! Our company uses manual methods and we do not need your password to any of your accounts. We always guarantee all our clients safeness and full confidentiality!

⏩How do you get Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Youtube or Other Social Media Service View, Followers etc..?
Ans : Our company is reliable. We never ask our clients to provide their personal password to any of their accounts. Once you made your order for any package, you will receive only real Followers, Likes & Views. Our service is 100% safe and all the methods we use are 100%  secure and legal.

⏩How does your service work?
Ans : When we receive the order from your end, the first thing we do is checking the number of Followers, likes or views you already have. Then we start providing you the ordered number of followers within a given time period. We have access to top social networks and their users. They will be invited by us to visit your page. In such a way you will be provided with a desired Followers & Likes.

⏩How to order Followers & likes in right way?
Ans : For good usability we made the automatized process in way that during one order we deliver likes only on one photo URL. So, if you buy pack of 1000 likes you should provide link of photo where you would like to get ordered likes.

⏩What guarantees can you give me?
Ans : We deliver orders on time. In case we fail to deliver Followers/Likes, you will be refunded all your money. It will be discussed individually and will depend on the number of Followers you have got from us. Contact us if you have any question or dispute.

⏩What kind of payment will you accept?
Ans : We use PayPal payments Only. You can use any kind of credit card via PayPal.

⏩When am I going to start getting my ordered Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Youtube Likes & Followers?
Ans : The amount of orders we receive is always changing. The final result will depend on the order’s volume. As our practice shows, it takes around 2 days to complete your order. Please check if your accounts are public.

⏩Will my new followers ever unfollow me?
Ans : 5-10% of followers might be unfollow you during the first month, than the number of followers will be stable. However, we provide an extra followers/likes to the number of followers/likes you’ve ordered. So the final number of followers/likes will be the desired one.

⏩Why followers/likes delivering so slowly?
Ans : For reasons of safety and ban protection, we will deliver followers continuously – during 2-3 days.

Don’t worry we proceed your order as soon as possible.